Self-Care For Business

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

There’s no time to be silent, to be quiet, to be small. We are at a moment in time when speaking up & out about self-care is essential, not only for women, but for men too.

And I love that there are men advocating for their gender because until we have addressed all the elephants in the room, all the societally constructed frameworks that dominate our attitudes & behaviors, we will keep coming back to the starting line; no further ahead and stuck in a groundhog type situation.

8 Steps To Living A Self-Care Rich Life That Leads To Thriving

There still appears to be confusion over what self-care is or is not. Is it the:

  • Monthly appointment at the hairdressers?
  • Luxury spa day for your birthday?
  • Time spent in nature?
  • Benefit of a good night’s sleep? Or
  • Regular health check-ups?


In truth, self-care is everything you do to keep yourself well, no matter the time invested or services you choose. At its core, it is looking after your wellbeing from the inside out.

It is prevention over cure…

Yet, how do we break the myths of self-care being a ‘nice to do’ when it is, in fact, a necessity?

How do we dispel the feelings of guilt that come with investing time in your needs over meeting everyone else’s?

In this key speech, Yvonne uses Self-Care as an acronym, to reveal 8 powerful steps to living a self-care rich life, where everyone benefits from the love & attention you give to yourself first.

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.” Unknown

Available as an online & offline presentation (Female audience)

I have created interactive webinars & workshops focusing on self-care. My specialism is looking at the chemical make-up of the body, understanding how you can change your physiology by accessing these key components of Physical Intelligence: rigorous movement, stillness, breathwork & visualisation.



Participants are encouraged to build a deeper understanding of the body’s internal landscape, reconnect with their body and experience a range of bitesize ‘self-care’ actions they can embed in their day-to-day lives, helping them to manage stress levels, re-energise and access greater clarity for their professional & personal lives.

Check out what my clients have to say about working with me!

Barry James Changemaker Championing Humanity, Modern Polymath, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor

Yvonne is not only one of the most inspiring people I have ever encountered, she's also one of the most thoroughly competent. We embarked on a ground-breaking project to create the first professional development course on modern funding, for business advisers, with a good deal of trepidation on my part. Somehow, despite its many rigours, Yvonne managed to make it a pleasant experience, almost a breeze! For this, along with her many other skills, I can't recommend her highly enough.

Aref Alabed Healthcare Specialist Consultant, International Medical Training Academy

Yvonne is a passionate advocate for helping people grow and transform their thinking & habits to live happier lives. As a lead trainer, she brings high energy and a sense of fun to every course, in addition to tried and tested practical advice on how to utilise personal development to create breakthroughs in business and daily life. This is where she excels; being able to open people up to the fact that life is not all about work; it is about creating energy in all areas of our lives to truly be our best. And Yvonne lives what she speaks; she is authentic, engaging and collaborative in her approach, an excellent role model.

Hasan Qasem Keynote Speaker & Advisor for Senior Leadership & Companies on Strategy, Innovation & Leadership

Yvonne is this person who can easily fuel your energy and turn your enthusiasm on. She can direct you to your personal motivation and lighten your path in an interesting, energetic and highly interactive session. Her most attracting element is simplifying her deliverables through reflecting on personal experiences. If you are looking for a woman role model, you need to contact Yvonne.

Philippa Constable Business Networking Expert, Trainer, Speaker & Founder of Women Mean Biz Networking Organisation

We had the pleasure of working with Yvonne in the capacity as a keynote speaker, at our Women Mean Biz networking meetings across Bristol, Bath and N. Somerset. The feedback has been very complimentary from our members. Her talks are engaging, relevant, and very appropriate for the audience. What I love about Yvonne though is her energy and professionalism, and she's just so easy to listen to. One member said that she was the best speaker that we've had ... so thanks Yvonne and we'd love to have you back again very soon!

Paul McDonald Autism without Barriers

Employing Yvonne B for & Women in Autism & a Part of & Inaspectrum Adult Autism & was a well-planned activity for the group even though I would not be over seeing the sessions for my membership. Yvonne is very together in her structure and learning schedule at a person-centred pace. As well as online sessions the members get activities to complete throughout the learning time. Yvonne is very good at encouraging and making a way for ladies to achieve even when they doubt themselves. would happily recommend her services.

Cherie-Anne Baxter Part-owner of Unividual, a financial planning & wellbeing business

We were looking for a self-care coach and I came across Yvonne through a recommendation. Right from the beginning I warmed to her as she listened to what I was trying to achieve in my business and created a workshop around our objectives. The process was easy, succinct and completely bespoke to us. The session itself was out of this world! Yvonne is kind, spirited, dynamic and knows how to engage with different personalities. Yvonne has an interesting career history and background and brings so much life to her coaching and training. We also left with so many actionable tips. Yvonne shone a big stage light on self-care and we will definitely get her back for follow up sessions.

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    Do you have any questions?

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    Both! Our priority is to meet the needs of your employees and welcome finding out more via a discovery call.

    No. The webinars and workshops, unless specifically requested for a female only audience, are designed for the good health of all.

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    Yes, these can be online workshops, UK in person at one of the following cities: Bath, Bristol or London’ or delivered at an agreed client location internationally.