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Our Blooming Begins From Within & Self-Care Is The Sunlight That Helps Us Bloom, Shifting From Surviving To Thriving.

Are You Ready To Journey In?

Prioritise Your

A life at the bottom of your priority list is not a life at all. You don’t have to earn appreciation, your very presence is appreciated.

And it’s time you valued who you are and understand your self-worth is not based on what you do for others, rather it is based on ‘being you’.

Release yourself from fear & old dysfunctional stories that keep you small and make a firm decision to shine, to be the role model you are destined to be. 

And I’m here to support you on your journey – mind, body & soul…

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Welcome to my world!

I'm Yvonne Bignall

(AKA YvonneB)

Your  Self-Care Coach & Award Winning Women’s Health Advocate.

As a qualified Personal Trainer, Nordic Walking Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Physical Intelligence Coach & Nature Facilitator, and passionate about maintaining mind, body & soul connection for meaningful wellness, I help women 50+ rediscover and reconnect with their powerful self, putting their health first so that they have the energy and potential to take on the world!

I have created my online Membership Community “Permission To Thrive” for those who are ready to reclaim their right to self-care, guilt-free, and who prioritise their health without apology, role-modeling behaviours & habits that inform generations to come of their true value.

I also advocate for self-care over burnout in the workplace, delivering practical webinars in the corporate space.

38+ years of experience in the health & fitness industry

Too Busy, Too Tired, Too Stressed…

Why Might You Be Here?

No Time

There just aren't enough hours in the day!

No Energy

By the time everyone else's needs are met and the to do list is complete, there is no energy for anything else.

Plenty Of Guilt

On those odd occasions when a 'no' is given in response to a request, the guilt level rises.

Life is busy… A never-ending list of things to do!

But that doesn’t mean you don’t matter…

Kickstart your self-care journey with YvonneB!

But Don’t Just Take It From Me! See My Client Reviews Below...

Yvonne has a rare infectious energy that fills me with optimism. My life was difficult when we met & in a short time, she has been a real catalyst for change. I now know that my future will be brighter! Working collaboratively, in a solution-focused way, we make plans for change & follow up on my progress. It’s so empowering to be held accountable. I treasure our sessions; they feel like clearing out old energies & building better pathways that are true to myself. I leave our sessions filled with momentum & impetus to follow through. I've found my coach & I'm forever thankful.

Nina Marie Designer

Yvonne has surpassed all my expectations. I felt comfortable with her as my coach & personal trainer from the moment I met her. She has: 1. Opened my mind & world to new possibilities 2. Supported me through an exceedingly difficult period; & 3. Enabled me to transform my lifestyle by encouraging me to make small, incremental changes. I have changed my outlook & my attitude to a healthier lifestyle. Yvonne's positive attitude & gentle ‘boot camp’ approach is an inspiration for healthy living and in my case reclaiming my life as I want to live it.

Lisa Fellows Professional Guide Dog (Puppy) Walker, Trainer & Speaker

Yvonne is a rare person with amazing insight. She knows how to ask the right questions and she truly helped me understand myself better. I was impressed with every session by Yvonne's ability to help me discover solutions to problems in my personal and professional life. She is genuine and compassionate and incredibly optimistic. She always provided well thought out and constructive feedback and guidance. Yvonne took a personal interest in my life and I felt valued and motivated by her enthusiasm. I am honoured to have met this truly amazing woman.

Vickie Ellison Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Yvonne is an extremely positive and inspiring individual. I felt I had lost my way a little after a very draining life experience. I knew what I needed to do to get myself back on track and keep moving. Yvonne is a great listener and knew how to clarify my very disjointed story of myself of how I thought I had become lost. I found her to be very honest and straight to the point which always works for me. I would recommend Yvonne as a life coach to anyone; she is amazing!

Lisa Scarlett-Christensen Community Rehabilitation Support Worker

We all need guidance at some point in time, and I can't recommend Yvonne enough. She has a strong business acumen with an extraordinary human touch, which is difficult to find in the professional world. Yvonne can really make a positive impact in your life with her coaching, helping any individual to succeed at a personal and professional level. She always has a positive approach, passion, and commitment in everything she does. I feel fortunate to have met such an inspirational woman.

Anna Perra Letting Adminstrator & Artist

Chance brought Yvonne and me together. Her recommendations were spot on and life changing. Yvonne is full of positive energy and genuine enthusiasm that cannot but rub off on everyone around her. She is extremely professional and focussed with a vision to empower as many people as possible to better their lives. I am sure she will achieve her goal; as a matter of fact she is already doing it!

Evi Kathrepti Productivity, Career & Change Specialist, and Director of Health & Joy

I met Yvonne at the start of my career when she was the trainer of a professional training course I attended. I was immediately attracted to qualities within Yvonne’s character and approach to relating to people and teaching. Being a deep listener, a very proactive professional solution finder, enthusiastic and energetic Yvonne is am extremely effective coach. humane and flexible. Having been coached by Yvonne at several different stages of my life journey, I have succeeded at landing my dream job, overcoming barriers and challenges and in both my business and personal endeavours, I’ve rediscovered my forward trajectory at high speed.

Christine Southam Eco Business Manager& Founder, C.S. Virtual Assistant

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