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Self-Care Coaching

If you find yourself frustrated and stressed by a lack of time for self-care, a lack of head space to reflect on life, perhaps juggling some or all of the following:

Self-care coaching could be just what you need to breakthrough these often-conflicting roles.

You know how important time for self is, but it just never feels like the priority in your schedule with so many people depending on you. You’re a woman, a nurturer, a giver and that means others needs are more important than yours. 

What are the stories driving your thought processes? Are they your scripts or societal embedded ones?

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1-2-1 Coaching

I work with my clients step by step, embedding physical intelligence (mind/body connection) practices, whilst finding bitesize measures that build into doable empowering habits, replenishing your wellbeing – mind, body & soul – without feeling guilty or selfish.

I understand how exhausting it is to meet society’s definition of the woman who can ‘do it all’. Having run a coaching and training business for over 12 years I’ve helped hundreds of women take control of their time, thought processes and self-care without forfeiting the other things that are important to them through coaching & training.

Clients Come To Me When They:

Have disconnected with their needs in the pursuit of satisfying everyone else’s, tying their worth to what they do for others.

Feel stressed trying to be all things to everyone while their well-being dives, feeling exhausted, resentful & unfulfilled.

Are looking for ways to operate without continuously sacrificing their health, creating bitesize practices that improve their wellbeing.

Have a deep desire to rediscover their joyful self, becoming part of a community with like-minded women seeking their own brand of joy.

Want to believe they are deserving of the time they are being told they need to take for their well-being, valuing who they are at the source, not what society has dictated.

Need a confidence boost. They want to clear their minds from worn-out beliefs and win back the desire & energy to create the life they desire.

Clients Walk Away With:

  • A curiosity to question, reflect & explore the choices they have made in their lives and how they can make more empowering ones.
  • Increased levels of self-awareness, energy & confidence to free them from accepting what has been dictated over what resonates with their authentic selves.
  • The ability to manage their life without their health suffering by setting meaningful boundaries.
  • A self-empowering schedule, self-devised to suit their needs and supports their well-being.
  • The ability to communicate their needs to the people who matter in their lives with kindness, gratitude & reciprocated listening, no longer seeking acceptance, validation, or praise.
  • The desire & ability to thrive!

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Permission To Thrive

If you are sick and tired of not having enough time or energy to invest in your own wellbeing, now is the time to stop accepting it as ‘okay’ and start prioritising your needs. It is time to make self-care the necessity it is.

At Permission To Thrive, we aim to break the old worn-out stories & create empowering ones together!

For too long a woman’s value has been intrinsically linked & quantified by what she does for others. This has led us to devalue ourselves, often leaving our needs off the priority list, for fear of being frowned upon, talked about, as well as feeling guilty for even considering doing something for our own health.


It's not okay to put your needs to one side all the time and there are no rewards for being a martyr, especially when it comes to your health.

Instead of wondering how you will find the time to invest in your health, ask how much time you are willing to invest in your ill-health.

Instead of worrying about what others will think about the time you invest in yourself, recognize you are worthy of that investment, one hundred times over!

Come and join our community of thrivers! We are on a journey of self-discovery through the lens of self-care, shedding the old, embracing the new and encouraging each other on the way.

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Pay special attention to how you spend your time and how it affects your well-being.

Check out what my clients have to say about working with me!

Angie Goudie Gaudi Hair Salon

I absolutely love “Permission To Thrive” It feels supportive in many ways with the diversity of topics about keeping well. The space is a safe place to share opinions without feeling judged, to share successes, and pick the brains of those in different professions. Yvonne`s energy is contagious, uplifting, and motivating too! I love the fact that I can jump in when I have time, and not if I don’t…

Angela Belassie PR The Write Way

I love the insights and inspiration shared in the group, which is both encouraging and supportive.

Evi Kathrepti Director of Health & Joy Ltd and Carer, Productivity & Change Coach

If you are looking for a community that puts the needs of the woman of today in the center stage do not look any further. This community has inspired me, surprised me and made me feel heard and seen. The relationships forged in here are real and deep, and no wonder as this community has been created by the heart centered Yvonne. Thank you!

Alison Sackett photographer

I enjoy being part of the Permission to Thrive community. Because it's designed for ladies of a certain age, I feel much more at home in this community than I have in others I've tried. Here I can be myself and share what's on my mind knowing that other members will get it and offer nuggets of their own wisdom in return. Yvonne has created a space with something for everyone and you can partake in as much or as little as you want. But, like all good communities, the more you put in, the more you get out!

    Got any questions, ideas, thoughts or looking for advice?

    Do you have any questions?

    I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you out.

    There are many coaching approaches available. I have tried & tested a range of approaches and brought together a blend that works for my clients. You can find out more via the EGuide available in the following link:

    What Is Coaching?

    Coaching offerings are 1-2-1 and/or Group, mainly virtual, however ‘walk, talk & coach’ sessions are possible for those locally or as part of a Coaching Program with a designated venue.

    Yes, 1-2-1 coaching and the Permission To Thrive Community membership all have plans available.

    We don’t offer refunds however, you are free to cancel your membership at any time and once your paid period comes to an end, payments automatically stop. Plus your first month is free so you can see what it’s like upfront!