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Nordic Walking

You are welcomed into nature to build your fitness, get social, and meet the fundamental needs of being a connected human being, feeding your self-care… That is what Nordic Walking has to offer!

It’s low impact approach means it is accessible to all fitness levels and encourages movement following knee, shoulder & hip operations as well as injuries. It’s a fantastic way to move the whole body.

Nordic Walking is a derivative of cross-country skiing and has proved to be a powerful form of the actual sport. 

It is a great practical way to kickstart your physical self-care!

I also design &  deliver 6 – 10-Week Nordic Walking Programmes that address isolation, mental & physical wellbeing and nature-based fitness for adults in the community. Here’s a great success story of one project delivered in London: Communities First

Has a strong focus on posture. How we stand affects how we walk

Following INWA methodology, breaks the movement down into ten steps, each one interlinking, making the movement fluid & powerful, propelling the body forward.

Gets you out into nature. This is one of the most powerful benefits of it, reconnecting with our natural environment feeds our health & wellbeing.

Works 90% of the skeletal muscles.

Burns 20-46% more calories than normal walking.

Encourages socialising, great for our emotional & mental wellbeing.

Is a year-round activity, only stopping when there are storms, thunder & lightening – they don’t mix well with poles!

Progressive nature means you are constantly learning & improving.

Blends well with strength training, yoga & Pilates (based on client feedback).

There Is So Much To Discover On Your Doorstep

With a far-reaching network of footpaths, cycle paths and fields, Midsomer Norton and Radstock are perfect locations for Nordic Walking. Great views, fresh air, varying terrains all add up to provide you with very different walking experiences. There’s more to this area than you think…

Silver Street Nature Reserve

Walking across fields with great views of the surrounding area, this walk reminds you how close you are to some of the best countryside in Somerset.

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Town Park, Midsomer Norton

Saturday Morning Walk Venue fortnightly. Utilising the Town Park behind the Somer Centre as well as the connecting cycle paths, the work provides a bit of everything with views!

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Greyfield Woods Walk

Enjoy the tranquility of these woods. Experience a different sense of the surroundings, take in the waterfall, get close to nature and remember what it feels like to breathe in the fresh air.

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Kickstart your physical self-care with Nordic Walking!

Personal Training

Your body is your physical home, the residence of your soul, your functioning abilities & organs. It is a temple requiring attention and respect. It demands your attention through self-care to manage & fight off ill health. Your body is amazing!

The real purpose for building a strong healthy body is:

Is your body getting the attention time it deserves?

Let’s get clear; strength, conditioning & nutrition training are not vanity projects.

Forget dress sizes, scales & diets, your body & health are not meant to be measured or valued by these things. In fact, I’d go as far as to say most of these things create anxiety, stress & a lack of self-love.

Your body matters! Look after it and feel it thrive…

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Nature Facilitation

Nature is our home, it is who we are and as a nature facilitator, I use a combination of activities and interventions to help you feel into the natural environment and simply allow it to do what it does best; heal through Relaxation, Restoration & Revitalisation.

Sessions weave through 5 key stages:


Focusing on increasing your body awareness and the natural world, using the five senses; touch/feel, hear, smell, taste see.


Finding beauty in the natural world, be it through seeing, smelling or creating something, encouraging freedom of expression, exploration, finding joy in the simple things.


Accepting your four innate emotions - Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy - as natural means of expression, not to be suppressed, to be acknowledged & explored to find out what they are telling us and to identify the sensations they bring.


Focusing on self-care, the care of others and the environment. It means, at its root, & to suffer or endure together. It is the interconnectedness and realisation that we are never alone, we have things in common and through caring & kindness, we can make a difference.


Finding meaning from our experiences in nature. They can provide insights and lead to our purpose. It is a time of reflection, an opportunity to journey inwards and summarise the experience of nature connection.

From 90-minute sessions to six full day programmes, there is something for everyone.

If you are ready to bring the power of nature into your personal development, the growth of your team or community group, the NatureWell approach could be the perfect fit!

Check out what my clients have to say about working with me!

Alison Sackett Personal Training Client

Thank you for all your encouragement and positivity over the last year which has helped so much in my efforts to turn my health around. Whilst I know you'll say that the hard work was down to me, your belief in me being able to achieve what I have, has been invaluable in encouraging me to carry on, particularly on the days when I felt like giving up.

Angela Belassie PR Consultant, Personal Training Client

After 12-weeks I'm slimmer and more toned. I’ve started to see some definition on my abs too, which was part of my goal! Investing in your personal training has helped me get into a healthy lifestyle routine with tailor-made workouts that are updated as I progress, alongside sound nutrition advice. It has helped keep me motivated, develop a positive mindset & do workouts that I never imagined possible. I'm up for a fitness challenge; 60-mile bike ride! Thanks Yvonne!

Marjie Stephens Personal Training Client

My body is starting to reflect the work we do not just in how it looks but how it performs. My movements are more fluid and my back and neck are stronger, giving me less pain. Lovely!! The results are based on a programme that works helped along by your genuine interest, and your fun but firm approach. I never feel I am wasting my time as each session counts so thank you. You are a talented trainer and I wished I’d met you years ago!

Jo & John Davis Personal Training Clients

We understand there are some disciplined, focused people in life who happily go to a gym session and push themselves to the limit and make the most of their workouts – however, we believe these people are few and far between. The encouragement, support, commitment and visible results gained by engaging with you has given us a renewed zest for life we would never had achieved for ourselves. Changes don’t happen overnight, the quick fix we wanted we now realise doesn’t exist, but after just a few months of encouragement and support we can see and feel the changes we wanted, which pushes us to do better and become the best we can.

Sandra Eastwood Nordic Walking Client

Nordic walking with Yvonne - what a joy! From her wonderful warm welcome and infectious enthusiasm, at the start of each session, to the feeling of personal achievement at the end, Yvonne ensures everyone is challenged and has fun. Why do I return to my weekly evening session throughout the year (wearing waterproofs, night torch, gloves, and woolly hat during winter?). Yes, it sounds mad, and it would be easier to stay in a cosy home rather than venturing into the cold and rain, but I would miss Yvonne's 'sparkle', the camaraderie of other Nordic walkers, and the variety of walks she plans. Needless to say, highly recommend Nordic walking with Yvonne. You won't be disappointed.

Jane and John Hack Nordic Walking Client

When we reached our 70’s, and wishing to keep fit and mobile, we joined Yvonne’s Nordic Walking class. This is great fun and excellent exercise. Yvonne makes each session enjoyable, exacting but manageable. We have recently begun personal training with her. She is so motivational, encouraging, and inspiring. Her warmth, personality, and knowledge, coupled with a great sense of humour, ensures we look forward to our sessions and feel energised afterwards

Zena Traynor Nordic Walking Client

“Nordic walking encompasses everything I need for my holistic health. It’s fun, social, out in nature great for my physical and mental wellbeing. I love that it’s a low impact way to build stamina and fitness, and the pace can be tailored to suit the varying needs of my physical health. Yvonne is full of joy and positivity. I love Yvonne’s passion for self-care, she’s so generous with her wisdom. I fully trust how informed she is with all thing’s fitness and healthcare. I always come away from our sessions feeling so empowered.”

Sarah Goss Nordic Walking Client

I decided to give Nordic Walking a go a few years ago and I’m so glad I found Yvonne! I can’t recommend Yvonne’s Nordic Walking groups enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable about a holistic approach to good health and fitness; you never feel left behind no matter your fitness level and she’s great company. Together with the other walkers, we always have a laugh; combine that with exercise and fresh air at Greyfield Woods and you have a brilliant start to your Sunday.

    Do you have any questions?

    I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you out.

    Midsomer Norton & surrounding areas and we also operate Nordic Walking programmes in partnership with Communities First in London, UK.

    Please send a message using the dropdown service list on our contact page for more information, and we will get back to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends). There is a waiting list for personal training, however, this is constantly being updated and we can let you know availability when you enquire.

    For the outdoor activities, dressing to keep comfortable in the weather is key! Good footwear is advised for all activities; however, you don’t need any specialist clothing. For Nordic Walking classes and programmes, the poles are provided for each session.

    All services are prepaid. You can cancel classes and personal training sessions up to 24 hours beforehand and reschedule.

    Nordic Walking or Nature Facilitation Programmes can be rescheduled providing we receive 7 days written notice.