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Reconnecting Women To Their Innate Power Through Self-Care

A catalyst for change, my joy is to help brilliant midlife women reconnect with life through radical and genuine self-care.

I have spent a lifetime in and around the world of health & fitness, in my career, as a fitness figure competitor, in business, and as a pastime. As the years, or rather, a few decades, have sped by, I have realized the value of self-care and its importance in how one thrives. My belief is it is a fundamental act of survival, a necessity and we need to stop treating it as a luxury or ‘nice to do’.

I proudly stand as a self-care warrior, an encourager & inspirer, an award-winning Women’s Health Advocate, Published Author, and International Presenter. I hosted an incredible radio show, the Women’s Power Hour, for 4 years, interviewing amazing women about health & wellbeing, having them share their trials & wins in taking care of themselves whilst the world demanded them to be ‘perfect mothers, wives, friends, colleagues and more’.

Yvonne is “yew”. Feminine variant of Yves, a saint’s name, and Ivo.

Since yew wood was used for bows, Ivo may have been an occupational name meaning “archer”.

I support, encourage, and,  inspire women to prioritise their health, one bitesize action at a time. The work is challenging as it navigates through difficult conversations, listening & observing how women’s health issues have been undermined, under- resourced & swept under the carpet, whilst also recognising & unpacking old scripts that still (sadly enough) tell women that their value is purely derived from their level of caregiving of others. The reality is, each and everyone of us has innate value, we don’t need to do anything to earn our value.

I explore the thoughts, behaviours & habits, often born out of guilt, gender expectations, and reinforced narratives, with curiosity (not judgment), helping my clients to discard the unhelpful, whilst reclaiming innate power through the creation of new patterns, restoring a sense of self, outside of societal expectations. This, in my opinion, allows women to develop a sense of self-awareness, confidence & self-belief so that they can value all of who they are and invest time in who they want to be at their best.

Apart from what I do professionally, I am a nature lover through & through!  A healing haven for mind, body & soul, I love being in it, moving through it, and remembering that nature is us & we are nature.

YvonneB's Achievements

Our Health Is Our Wealth and we need to honour it as such.

Our Health Is Our Wealth and we need to honour it as such.

I have spent 20 years figuring out how to get right with life. How to live abundantly healthy & happy. It has been quite a journey!

Over the past 13+ years, as part of my own journey, I have been creating and testing coaching & training processes for my clients and have built proven frameworks that allow me to nurture my clients to prioritised self-care… Guilt-free!

And as a woman who has been & continues to be on the journey, understanding the important role of nurturing my health, some of the things I have achieved include:

Qualifying as a life coach (CMI & AUNLP qualifications in life-coaching, NLP & business coaching).

Qualifying in the health & fitness space as a Personal Trainer, Group. Instructor, Nordic Walking Instructor, Weight Loss Practitioner and more recently, as a Nature Facilitator.

Winning Trainer of the Year Award winner for a leading UK/World training company (2013).

Winning The Best Hobby to Business Support Award (2014).

Winning Women’s Health Advocate Award 2017.

Community Radio Show Presenter of The Women's Power Hour Show, regularly featured on BBC iPlayer from 2018-2022.

Qualified Coaching with Physical Intelligence practitioner 2022.

G100 UK Country Chair of Health & Wellness Wing.

WEF Exceptional Women of Excellence Award 2023

GHP Business Self-Care Coach (South-West England) 2023

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